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Have you been recently charged or arrested for an offense? Then you must have come across the thought saying that, it is just a crime and I can take care of it without any help. But honestly, you can’t, not on your own and you need an attorney. Frankly, these crimes as not as fatal as felony charges, but having a Wheaton criminal defense attorney by your side before you speak or confess anything would be a wise thing to do.

Having a Wheaton criminal defense attorney at the very early stage for your representation would help you make your case easier. If you call up a criminal defense attorney right after you care being arrested then while protecting your rights, your attorney can negotiate a way out instead of letting the police or the other party press charges against you. But you must remember that all of this would happen only if you hire an attorney at the early stage of your case.

Therefore, if you are still unclear about why you need a criminal defense attorney in the first place, then these reasons might help you understand better.

You are charged with penalties

Depending upon the type of misdemeanor, you will be charged with the fine under the misdemeanor class under which your crime falls and the jail term. Therefore, to get saved from all these troubles and end up in jail, hiring an attorney would help you to negotiate the terms for you. A criminal defense attorney would analyze your case and would come up with all the options to help you either dismiss the case or at least negotiate on reducing the penalty. If you are trying to do on your own, you might end up with maximum sentences and penalties.

Protect your rights and future

Whether you have committed an offense or not, you must know your rights before going ahead with any decisions. And only a criminal defense attorney would help you do that. An experienced attorney would not just negotiate your charges but also the penalties. And if by chance the case was made up due to any cop errors then he might help you to dismiss the case by presenting the evidence accordingly. When your charges are reduced, your name gets saved by going into the criminal record, and in a way, you get a second chance to save your future and career.

Save you from pleading guilty

Pleading guilty is not at all an option if you have been booked for a crime. If you plead guilty without even consulting the lawyer, then you are putting yourself and your future in a jeopardy. An attorney would help you challenge the charges that are pressed against you as your attorney would go out of his way to analyze the case, collect the necessary evidence, chalk out a plan to take you out from all the mess. Which means, pleading guilty is definitely off the cards.

Fasttrack the legal process

A criminal case would take years to end up the finishing line and you are not sure whether the judgment would be in your favor or no. And of course, you are not up for a long legal case. This not only takes a toll on your mind but also on the finances. And therefore, to avoid the hassle, call up a criminal defense attorney as they know their ways into this mess and can take fast actions to alleviate the risks that the case has. The attorney would also deal with all the documents that are needed for the case and would make sure that the process is fast-tracked.

If you have been arrested or facing felony charges, it is highly recommended that you immediately consult a Wheaton criminal defense attorney to protect you from heavy penalties and jail term. The attorney would be the best person to give you legal advice that you need to hear and based on that prepare a strong defense plan to present in the court of law. Don’t waste your time and get down to business right away.

Post Author: Maurice