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With nearly 50% of marriages in the US ending in a divorce it seems that marital split-up is an easy-going process for Americans. However, the reality is completely different and excluding just married couples, for the largest part with full-fledged families, facing a divorce process appears to be more than a nightmare. In fact, contemplating a divorce with families involuntarily brings issues like deciding on custody, spousal and child support, allocation of marital property, debt clearance similar to dissolving a partnership through the court’s final approval. And this is where; you need to work with a seasoned family law attorney in Houston to deal with the range of divorce issues via mediation, two-way settlement, negotiation with an opponent lawyer or through a court case.

Family Law Attorney in Houston: When to Hire Your Lawyer

Facing a Divorce

Getting a divorce with a family is not an easy voyage and hesitating to hire a family law attorney in Houston can do nothing more worsening the matter. A trusted and specialized family law practitioner will help navigate through the patchy topography of a marital separation course backed by their deep know-how to decide on a custody arrangement, child support, alimony, sharing of property and debts in a lawful way and through court representation.

Fighting for Custody

Fighting with child custody among spouses as well ex-spouses not only make a divorce case trickiest and messy but more than that issues related to custody right is likely to be a persisting disease for divorcing couples. Accordingly, regardless you’re offered with sole physical custody, shared custody, legal custody, getting a sudden court notice about custody hearing is a common incidence. Equally, violation of prior guardianship arrangement by your ex requires you to contact a family law attorney in the Houston to defend your child, get justice, or prepare for the hearing.

Revision of Child Support

Even after several reminders, if your non-custodian ex-partner has been tight-lipped to revise the child support money due to the skyscraping market cost, it’s the time that you should consider working with a family law attorney in Houston who will help you get needed revision thru negotiation with your ex’s lawyer or making petition in court. In no way, the non-custodian ‘obligating’ partner or the more earning ex-spouse, sharing joint custody, can overlook paying or revisiting the sum of money paid to the custodian part. If any dispute arises with payment of custody support over time, a family lawyer can get protect you and your child’s right by law.

Denial of Spousal Support

Dispute with payment of spousal support or alimony for providing legally-bound monetary support to a spouse with low income/ no income by the higher earning partner or the obligatory part is a very nasty game played in the family battle. Incidences like the refusal of spousal support, making alibis, skipping and postponing payment or delayed remittance are found widespread in due course of time after a divorce. If you’re facing any trouble in scheduled receipt of your spousal support money, without any further delay, contact a trusted family law attorney to instantly take up the matter by law.

Have Visitation Right

If one parent is offered sole custody or shared custody is not allowed due to the certain disability of the other parent, the non-custodian parent is awarded visitation right to see the child and spend time with him/her under a supervised setting or non-supervised one. This is not uncommon that you find your ex to undertake tricky behavior to deprive you of having a visitation by purposefully canceling the schedules quite often. If this occurs on a regular basis, it is vital for you to consult your family law attorney in Houston and clarify the facts and figures, access your right and punish your ex.

Change/ Regain Custody    Under the considerable change of the previous setting based on which the custody plan was worked out, either parent can appeal for a custody change by hiring services of the family attorney in Houston. For example, your ex gets remarried, leaves the state, poor academic performance of your child as, and when he/she lives with your ex-spouse, the child gets abused in your ex’s home and more. Equally, if you’re found unfit for holding custody and offered visitation right only, by following the guidance of your lawyer, making the best use of your visitation time and showing better performance, you can also regain custody of your loving child with your lawyer’s help.

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